In the end 2


In the end 2, oil on canvas, 50.0 x 50.0cm, 2022

 In order to be reborn, death is inevitable.  Death brings change to the present. Death is the end of the status quo and makes a new start of a restraint. In between the outside and inside of my world, there are particles, and evocations, they are connected. Death is not a destination but a journey of understanding. Everything can be reborn after they die. I look at myself and go beyond my boundary. Do not be afraid. I will go through the darkness to the light and get to where the stars are born. I will exist there. Do not be afraid. 

새로 태어나려면 반드시 죽어야 죽음은 현재에 변화를 갖고 온다죽음은  상태의 종식이자새로운 굴레의 시작을 만들어나의 외부 세계와 내부 세계 사이에는 아주 작은 입자들초혼들이 있고  모든 것들이 연결되어 있어죽음은 내가 도착해야 하는 목적지가 아닌 이해에 대한 여정  하나야모든 것은 죽어야 다시 태어날  있어나는 나를 바라보고 나의 테두리에서 벗어난다두려워하지 마라나는  어둠을 지나 빛을 통과할 것이며 별들이 태어나는 곳으로  것이다그곳에서 나는 존재할 거야두려워하지 .